Today, I would like to share about my experience learn english. My pretension to learn english caused a situation in Job test. Two last month ago, I was participated or applyed at Job Vacancy Mandiri Bank. I was apply for position Officer Development Program (ODP). I think ODP already familiar to circle Jobseeker  Why?? According to me, everyone wished for good Job and good salary, ODP Mandiri Bank offered it. It’s Okay, I also interested about that. Average, Jobseeker wished for good salary and good job from Job Vacancy moreover Job Position. Good Job and Good Salary certainly needed a good people who has very good competence. One of important competence for Job is a english skill. English skill needed employees for improved their business, Like also Mandiri Bank. If Jobseekers accepted ODP Mandiri so, they must ready work in whole Indonesia Provinsi. ODP has several phase in recruitment process. That Phases are toefl test, walked interview, healthy test etc. I just to the first phase, because the first phase was toefl test. I losed at toefl test, from it test I awared that english skill very important moreover job world average needed a employee has good english skill.
I did aware that my english skill so bad, even my english skill under pasif level  Formerly, when I studied at Senior High School, I wasn’t deem english very important the future. But now, I exactly need it for my future. I’m not regret!! I have to learn it Now…
The first way, I was ooking for place of good course english in Yogyakarta. There are many coursess, such as ELTI Course, LIA, REAL ENGLISH, PPB UGM, PPB UNY, Cillacs UII, EEC Sanata Dharma and others. They were offered many program for applicant course. Finally, I chose EEC Sanata Dharma for learn english.. EEC sanata dharma offer good course programe. Subject which offered by ECC variously. ECC gave participant basic conversation, pronunciation basic, structure basic, vocabulary,fluently practice, basic writing, basic reading, basic listening. Those were whole subject which offered by ECC Program. Overall, EEC is a good program for person who want to learn english.
Before be participant or student EEC, you will take a test for accepted as student EEC. Test EEC were divided two phase, the first phase and second phase. Last test ago, I was take a test at second phase, the result it that I was accepted as student EEC. The students were accepted must pay cost Rp.1.700.000,- for the first semester, and furthermore semester pay cost Rp.1.000.000.
If you need a good place for course english in Yogya, EEC Sanata Dharma is a recommendation. “There is Price, There is Result !” Good Luck Everybody..!!


23. March 2013 by dewa09
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